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Approved Program Activities


Rise & Climb Adventure Park

Where:  Cornwall, PEI
About:  Aerial Adventure Park, high ropes courses
Scouting Ages:  Rise & Climb has advised us that they offer ropes courses suitable for all Scouting ages from Beavers to Rovers!


Venture Stables

Where:  Freetown PEI
About:  Horse Back Riding
Scouting Ages:  Suitable for all Scouting ages from Beavers to Rovers!


PADI Dive Shops

Where:  Locations across Atlantic
About:  Scuba Diving – All certified PADI dive shops in Canada hold a National agreement with Scouts Canada and is an approved activity.  A parent waiver will be required and will actually note a Scouts Canada waiver.  This is the only program activity in which parent waivers are required and approved.
Scouting Ages:  Suitable for Scouting ages from Scouts to Rovers – Requires some swimming ability
Website:   No Website specifically



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