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Program Ideas

Stuck for an activity or want some ideas?  Here are a few program ideas we've used in the past.

Give us some NEW ideas.  Let us know what YOU want to do!

Venturers, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers - you can direct your ideas to the Youth Pages - help Koelbe make Scouts better for you.

Leaders, if you have other ideas we'd LOVE to hear from you!  E-mail us at or put a suggestion on our Feedback page! 

Ideas that should have little or no cost are listed with an asterisk (*)

  • * Use the new Program Builder Online for hundreds of game and activity ideas!
  • * Use one of the MANY jumpstart kits available from the Saint John Scout Shop
  • * Visit to Apple Orchard
  • * Nature hike in local park (through woods) - with a "look, don't touch" scavenger hunt e.g. bugs, leaves, bird’s nest etc…
  • Sit down Crafts
  • Pumpkin Decorating
  • * Participate in Remembrance Day Ceremony
  • Swimming at local pool
  • * Visit to seniors residence
  • * Volunteering at food bank
  • Pizza Party (Order one or make your own with the youth!)
  • Movie Night
  • * Favorite Toy Night
  • Bowling
  • * Sliding
  • * Snowshoeing (at Riverdale, or some schools may have snowshoes available for free for non-profit groups)
  • * Hospital Tour
  • Sport night at the gym
  • * Grocery store tour – bakery?, photo lab? Etc…
  • * Tour of Fire Hall
  • Overnight Indoor Winter “Camp"
  • * Tree Planting
  • * Wildlife Officer visit
  • * Dissect a computer (find an old computer ready for the garbage and tear it apart)
  • * Science Experiments
  • Dinosaur and Volcano night
  • * Board Game and Card Game night
  • * Visit to a live Beaver Dam
  • * Active Game nights (relays, races, running, jumping etc…)
  • Summer Camp (Canoeing, Swimming, Tenting, Water Games etc…) 
  • Creation of a hiking safety kit
  • * Singing songs
  • * Plays/Acting
  • * Communicate with other Beaver colonies around the world e.g. Postcards
  • * Beach walk – learn about shellfish, seaweeds etc…
  • Sleigh Ride
  • * Geocaching (using a Global Positioning System (GPS)) to find and hide small articles (the cache).  Practice using a GPS and enjoy the outdoors. Scouts PEI now has its own GPS for group use!  Several geocaches are already hidden at Riverdale!
  • Cooking
  • Make birdfeeder/birdhouse
  • Seasonal crafts
  • * Prepare for fundraisers
  • * Bring in Guest Speakers
  • * Visit to Police Academy
  • * Wii Night
  • * Kite Flying - different kites e.g. small kites, big kites, box kites, trick aerial kites
  • * Do a session with Search and Rescue.  Contact Heather Pringle <> for possibilities - they provided LOTS of great info!  Two sessions available - one for younger kids (Hug-A-Tree, probably best for Beavers and Cubs that are new to Scouting) and one for older youth and adults called Survive Outside.

These are some ideas we've never used but we surveyed the kids and this is how they responded!

  • Animal nights (fin, feathers and fur)
  • Make Ice Cream
  • * Skating - outdoors at a pond or indoors at a rink
  • * Talent night (maybe involve leaders, have judges etc... like "Scouts Have Talent!" - or maybe simpler)
  • * Fund raiser events e.g. make something and sell it at the farmer's market
  • Magician/Magic night
  • * Tour Airport/Airplanes
  • Laser Tag -  Located in Stanley Bridge.
  • * Guest Speakers (Judo/Karate/TaeKwonDo, Hockey Players, Sky Divers)
  • Bike Rodeo
  • * Dodgeball
  • * Music Night
  • * Soccer Game
  • * Bring a Friend Night
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