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Volunteer Positions

Parent Volunteer Opportunities – Time Well Spent!

86 per cent of Canadian parents wish they had more quality time to spend with their kids. Scouts Canada of PEI can help. For over a hundred years Scouts Canada has been Canada’s largest and most trusted source of high-quality parent/kid time.
Our volunteers are community parents, just like you, who inspire adventures and experiences that create lasting memories.
Have a look at our volunteering opportunities – most are a couple hours long at most. Contact your local Scout Group and sign up for priceless time well spent. This offer is limited – kids grow up fast.
Note: This offer is also redeemable*, transferable**, and negotiable ***. It may also produce side effects like happiness, fulfillment and doing good community deeds with kids****.
* At your next Scout Group event or meeting, ask what you can do to help inspire adventures.
** Feel free to extend this offer to other parents, grandparents, friends who might be interested in Scouts.
*** Any and all donations of time are welcome. Ask your local Scouter about their upcoming events – many hands make light work.
**** Don’t worry – experience shows these side effects also boost your mood, morale, and create a positive world view.

Volunteer Positions


Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers are an important component of building and maintaining our youth programs across PEI. As the saying goes, many hands make light work. Our Scouters are community parents, just like you, who inspire adventures and experiences that create lasting memories. Parent volunteers help free up Scouter time for planning and delivering a quality experience and adventures that last a lifetime.
We put out a call for parent volunteers each season corresponding to the program cycle. Parents have three options for volunteering: a standing position on the Group Committee, helping at a meeting or event, or volunteering overnight at a camp. Have a look at our volunteering opportunities below – many are a couple hours long at most. Make note of the ones that interest you and send us an email! One of our local Scouters will call or email you with more details. We look forward to hearing from you!
Below is the Scouts Canada Code of Conduct. Signing the Code of Conduct is the basic requirement for volunteering with Scouts Canada. Some volunteer activities, like staying overnight, also require short training. Please sign and return the Code of Conduct to your section’s Scouter.

Standing Volunteer Activities (Group Committee)

Make note of the position that interests you and check in with your local Scouter about it. Many hands make light work. 
Group Bookkeeper: Description – Tracks basic monthly journal entries and provides bank account and youth account balances / balance sheets on a monthly basis.
Group Photographer: Description – Takes photos of group activities. Required to have and use own digital SLR camera. Post images on Facebook page.
Group Registrar / Youth Onboarding: Description – Helping new parents and youth register online, purchase their uniform components, and understand the Scouting process, how meetings are run, etc.
Group Secretary: Description – Attend Group Committee meetings, take minutes, review and update documents and binders eg: volunteer opportunity forms.
Group Quartermaster: Description – Help keep inventory of equipment and organize “cleaning and organizing days” to keep our equipment in working order.
Evening Meeting Registrar(s): Description – assist beaver/cub/scout weekly meetings, ensure youth are signed in, dues are paid, camp forms are accounted for, fundraising forms and money is looked after, track fees for secretary.
Group Seamstress: Description – Love to sew? Youth are always in need of sewing crests on uniforms and blankets.  We can be flexible – bring your sewing machine to meetings once a month or in some cases it may be possible to take items home with you.

Event Volunteer Activities

Throughout the year, every Scout Group on PEI organizes special meetings and events. Each event requires a few coordinators to help take on a variety of elements, such as: Provide music for a party, run a themed game with the youth, coordinate Halloween Decorations at the venue, or lead a youth-led activity/craft. 
Check out the following special meetings and events to get a taste of what your local Scout group needs your help with.
  • Organize a troop hike 
  • Apple Day - picking and distributing
  • Halloween Party
  • Graduation Party
  • Scout Popcorn kick-off party
  • Scoutrees tree planting event
  • Remembrance Day parade after party 
  • Santa Claus parade hot coco party
  • Baden Powell Banquet
  • Community and Environmental Service Projects
  • Scout Registration Nights 
  • Yard Sales booking and manning
  • Bottle Drives 
  • Visiting Speakers
  • Field trip to local police station
  • Roadside or beach Cleanup

Camp Volunteer Activities

Coordinate/Lead Youth-Led menu(s): includes coming to one meeting prior to camp, working with section(s) to prepare a healthy, fun, easy to prepare menu, discuss and incorporate Canada Food Guide and nutrition. Upon approval of menu, purchase menu items and bring to camp or arrange for Scouter to pickup.
Camp Cook: includes coming to camp either for just meal(s) or to sleepover. Cooking for youth (breakfast/dinner) or preparing lunches and snacks. Clean up of dishes and cook wear. Assisting youth with washing dishes (preparing dishwater / towels). Providing dish soap + wash cloths / drying towels. Cooking utensils and pots provided your Group Committee. NOTE: Troop Scouts are expected to prepare their own meals. If working with the Troop, providing assistance and instruction is necessary. Experience with camp stoves an asset.
Coordinate/Lead Youth-Led activity for Camp: includes coming to one meeting prior to camp, canvasing section(s) for Youth-Led ideas and reflection – see tips – Youth Led activities. Assign age-appropriate roles and responsibilities, provide help, assistance, and guidance, provide Scouters with requests for any materials, if approved for purchase, provide receipts, plan and deliver activity(ies).
Campfire Guide: One of the best things about camp is the fire. Scouts love to sing, play games and enact skits. There are lots of online resources for great Scout fires. Generally our older Scouts lead the fire, but they may need some help planning it. Involves meeting with Scouts before camp, help to look up songs, create a song list, provide song list/lyrics to parents via Facebook, decide on skits (look up options), help practice skits with lower Sections. Come to camp and help Scouts organize the fire.

Your Hidden Skills

Tell us if you, your family or someone you know has skills or experience that we might be able to use to make our program really great. Do you have equipment we might borrow, access to special places that would make a great trip or experience? Let us know!!

Your Outdoor Adventure Skills

The Outdoor Adventure Skills program is an invitation for Scouts to try something new—to be outside more, testing themselves with progressive challenges while always staying within their capabilities and staying safe. In short, it’s about having life-changing experiences.
Do you have skills in one of the following areas? Know someone who does? Let us know…
  • Vertical Skills – rock climbing, climbing ropes, harnesses, climbing in a gym/on rock faces
  • Sailing Skills – water safety, rigging a sail boat, sailing a boat, tacking, MOB procedures
  • Scout Craft – tying knots, lighting fires, making shelters, cooking outdoors
  • Camping Skills – packing for camp, setting up equipment, First Aid, ‘Leave no Trace’ principles
  • Trail Skills – Proper clothes, using a compass, maps, GPS, good footwear, proper hydration, backpack tips
  • Winter Skills – Dressing for the weather, building snow forts, winter hikes/camps, snow shoeing/skiing, hypothermia
  • Paddling Skills – PFD use, canoe/kayak paddling, water craft safety, paddling trips
  • Aquatic Skills – Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving
  • Emergency Skills – First Aid kits, helmet safety, home/community emergencies, CPR
To find out more about Scouts Canada’s Outdoor Adventure Skills, visit:


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